Pool report No. 3: More from Oval

From: "Ngo, Emily"
Date: August 28, 2017 at 4:15:42 PM EDT
Subject: Pool report No. 3: More from Oval

More complete picture of the spray in the Oval. Please check against transcript. (Apologies for the delay. Had to gather for East Room presser.)

At the top, POTUS and Niinistö each expressed that they were honored to see the other. POTUS joked of Finland: “Sadly, they have a trade surplus against the United States, but maybe we can do something to change that.”

Niinistö: “Just a reminder … the balance of the investments is different.”

Niinistö: “… what we have seen in Texas, Louisiana, our thoughts are with those people.”

POTUS: “Thank you.”

Niinistö: Wished those in storm path “strength and courage.”

POTUS did not answer Q on shutting down government over border wall funding

Did answer Q about Harvey:

“… going to Texas tomorrow. I look very much forward to it. Things are being handled really well. The spirit is incredible, of the people. The coordination between all of the different services, as you know, has been going very well. Great respect for the governor, he’s done an incredible job.

“I look forward to the trip. So I’ll be going there tomorrow. We’re leaving at about 8:30 in the morning. We don’t know exactly which sections; we’ll be notifying you soon. But we’ll be traveling throughout certain parts and we may actually go back on Saturday.”

Q: Are you surprised by the magnitude?

“It’s the biggest ever. They’re saying it’s the biggest ever. It’s historic. It’s like Texas. It’s really like Texas, if you think about it. But it is a historic amount of water. … There’s never been anything like it. People are handling it amazingly well. And the people of Texas, as you know, have really persevered. And when you watch the spirit and the enthusiasm and helping each other, teamwork, it’s really been something for people [inaudible]. So we’ll be leaving tomorrow about 8:30 in the morning.”

Q: Will you be doing something special with Congress re Harvey?

“… quite a few Cabinet meetings to make sure everything’s coordinated. We’re dealing with Congress. As you know, it’s going to be a very expensive situation. We want to take care of the people of Texas AND Louisiana when that happens. … See what happens with the flow. The flow seems to be heading toward Louisiana right now as we speak. We’ll be there for the people of Louisiana also …”

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