POTUS Pool report 19/Freedom Ball

Motorcade drove to the other side of the huge convention center. Departed 9:55. Arrived three minutes later in the lower level of the complex. Hustled into the ballroom.

Again, thousands of well attired party goers. Sign indicated drunk tickets at $20 for champagne, $15 for cocktails, $10 for beer and wine and $5 for soft drinks.

Pool has no information on the designer of Melania Trump's lovely ivory gown. But thank you all for asking.

In first ball, a dessert table held cupcakes with red icing. Hard to tell what folks were grazing on in this ball as we were whisked into place to a cover version of "Who could ask for anything more."

Trump's announced at 10:05 to ruffles and flourishes.

Todd J. Gillman
Washington Bureau Chief
Dallas Morning News
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