POTUS Pool Report 2

POTUS spoke for about 7 minutes before turning the room back over to VPOTUS To administer the oath.

POTUS said he just spoke to Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal and will soon speak to Florida Gov. RIck Scott about the deadly tornadoes.

He said he expressed "our sincere condolences." "The tornadoes are vicious and powerful and strong."

POTUS said the government would be helping out the state of Georgia.

He said it's been "a very interesting few days" before mentioning his upcoming meetings with the leaders of the U.K., Canada and Mexico.

"'Mexico has been terrific."

Then regarding the new staff:
"We're going to do some great things over the next eight years."

"Each and everyone of you should be extremely proud. Give yourself a round of applause."

"This is not about party. This is not about ideology. This is about country. It's about serving the American people."

"We're not here to help ourselves....so many people are dependent on us." He then mentioned the veterans, the unemployed and members of the military, crime victims and young people.

"We will face challenges. But with faith in each other and faith in God we will get the job done. We will prove worthy of this moment in history. It may very well be a great moment in history."

Pool was ushered out at 2:40. Pool has now gathered for next pool spray.

Please check quotes against transcript.

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