POTUS pool report #20/Freedom Ball

Trump at Freedom Ball. This crowd was also in the thousands and impossible to gauge from pool's vantage.

It was far more raucous than the Liberty Ball crowd. Unclear why but they were feisty. Lots of hooting and cheering.

"We will not be taken advantage of anymore. We're going to have those great companies come pouring back in," Trump promised.

"Let me ask you, should I keep the Twitter going or not?" The crowd shouted encouragement. "It's a way of bypassing dishonest media." Representatives of the media were just below the stage.

He reminisced about the successful campaign.

"We weren't given a great chance but we knew we were going to win." He spoke of "phony polls" at the outset of his campaign and the mere two weeks it took for him to shoot to the top.

"We did a good job together ,and many of the people in this room went to those rallies with us."

He mentioned one woman he saw on TV today -- apparently he found time to watch TV -- who'd gone to 42 of his rallies. He marveled. "42!"

"There has never been a movement like this anywhere in the world.... I just left, actually, the Oval Office" -- the crowd cheered -- "because our great General Maddog Mattis was approved tonight. The Senate approved," He mentioned signing the paperwork, and Pence doing the swearing in of him and Kelly at homeland security. "General Kelly -- the border, we're going to have a border again."

"We are not going to let you down. Remember the theme: Make America Great Again... Greater than every before -- it will happen."

"Now the fun begins."

And with that, the Trumps began their next dance. The pool was just below in the buffer. They chatted and smiled at each other and he broke hands to point to the crowd. Again, to "My Way." Then the Pences and the otehr couples joined. Trump clapped at the end and waved as the crowd cheered and chanted USA! USA! He did some thumbs up.

Pool took a long quick hike to the back of the motorcade. Rolling now to the National Building Museum. Big slowdown at Texas de Brazil steakhouse . More onlookers, no vulgarity.

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