POTUS Pool Report 4

More from the reception from first responders.

POTUS started talking and after a minute it was clear that VPOTUS was supposed to talk first. POTUS paused so VPOTUS could introduce him. Everyone laughed.

POTUS said how they were all going to have a "great eight years together."

He thanked them for doing such a good job at the inauguration, saying it had been a "such a success, a safety success."

He mentioned that General Kelly had been sworn in. Pool could not see him if he was in the room. "General Kelly is going to an incredible job."

POTUS said that he "campaigned very much" on security issues.

Then he spotted Joe Clancy, head of the Secret Service, and said "There's the man." Clancy approached him and the two men shook hands.

"What a job," POTUS said. "From Day One, I have felt safe."

Then he spotted FBI Director Comey as indicated in previous pool report.

Again your pool could not hear all their remarks from our location, inside the Green Room, perched in the doorway of the Blue Room.


Pool was ushered away from doorway after two minutes.


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