POTUS print pool 11

Crowds thickening on parade route as procession nears downtown, in less restricted areas away from Capitol complex.
Police and military line the road.
Chants of "Trump!" and "USA!"
Seen 2-3 "bikers for Trump" signs.
Nearing Trump hotel, watching to see if POTUS emerges from his limo...?
A clutch of protesters near the National Art Museum chants "not my president!"
One man holds a sign that says "sad"
Another "Trump racist"
At 7th street appears a confederate flag.
North side of Navy Memorial filled with protest signs, chanting over trump supporters across the street with "make America great again" signs.
At 4:12 Trump steps out (at 10th st),
Crowd cheers as he and the First Lady walk and wave, approaching his namesake hotel.
By 4:16, Melania appears to be back in car. Can't see POTUS.
Walk appears to be over in less than 5 minutes.
As we come upon another clutch of protesters at 12th street, Near the scene of violent clashes with police earlier in the day.
13th and Pennsylvania occasions one of the biggest groups of protesters, but also more fans in the stands.
At 4:27 pm, about 40 minutes after we started, we are nearing the review stand at the White House, where Trump could reside the next 4 years.

Kevin Díaz
Houston Chronicle/HEARST

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