POTUS Print Pool 12 & 13

Pool report 13

President Trump was seated behind his desk when the pool entered the Oval Office. Still in suit and tie -- not yet dressed for the inaugural balls. Vice President Pence stood to his right. Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was at his left, handing him documents to sign: the commissions for Mattis and Kelly confirmations, and then the order freezing regulations.

Trump bantered briefly with the pool as we retreated.

"You have three balls to go to?" he said.

How was your day, asked WHCA president Jeff Mason.

"It was busy, but good. A beautiful day," Trump said.

Pooler Zeke Miller caught a few tidbits:

The Churchill bust is back.

Attendees: Jared Kushner, Kellyanne Conway, Hope Hicks, Mike Flynn, Stephen Miller, Marc Short.


Pool report 12 (7:10pm)

Spicer, from the briefing room lectern, says the president is signing an  executive order on Obamacare, and the paperwork (commissions)for the Mattis and Kelly confirmations.

Chief of Staff Priebus will issue a memo ordering. Immediate regulatory freeze.

Pool is hastily gathering for an Oval spray.

The executive order President Trump signed pertains to the Affordable Care Act, Spicer indicated that it would ease the burden of Obamacare.
The Priebus memo on regulations was not signed in front of the pool.

More decorating details:
Apart from the return of the Churchill bust, the MLK bust was no longer on display.

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The drapes in the Oval Office have been replaced. This morning they were crimson. Now they are gold. Additionally, a bust of Teddy Roosevelt is in one of the bookshelves. And some of the artwork has been swapped. There were no family photos visible in the room as yet.

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