POTUS Print Pool Report 5

The motorcade arrived back at the White House at 1155.

Along the route back were numerous clumps of protesters gathered for the Women's March. Although some of the female protesters cheered and waved, a larger proportion signaled their disapproval.

(Passing one gas station, a group of men there were unanimously supportive of President Trump's motorcade, or at least its press vans.)

The White House has provided the names of the Trump family members who went to the National Cathedral via motorcade:

Eric Trump
Lara Trump
Vanessa Trump
Kai Trump
Tiffany Trump

Other family members also attended, arriving independently, including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

(Those watching C-SPAN probably have better insight into this than the pool, which had obstructed seats.)



S.V. Dáte
Senior Political Correspondent
The Huffington Post
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