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At about 2:40 pm pool vans were rolling again to another part of Walter Reed. Then a few mins later, pool was ushered into a converted basketball gym that had been transformed into a COVID Vaccine Site. (We know that because of the sign hanging from an upper balcony seating area saying so).

There are roughly a dozen tables where masked attendants in white medical gowns appeared poised to deliver vaccines to service members, some in fatigues, although they didn’t seem to be doing so while pool was in the room.

POTUS entered at 2:56 pm accompanied by two Walter Reed officials. He greeted the staff and discussed overall vaccine procedures. All pool could make out from POTUS was, “How long have you been doing this?” Pool was then whisked away to the other side of the gym to watch while POTUS made his way around the gym talking to staff. All people in the gym were masked but POTUS did not always maintain six feet social distance while observing vaccine demonstrations and talking to staff.

Pool again had a hard time hearing any of the interactions - for this and POTUS’ previous remarks at Walter Reed, I would direct you to audio captured by television crews.

Pool was ushered out at 3:08 pm - we are now holding in vans again outside the vaccine facility.

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