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Fuller quotes from pool spray before economic meeting.

POTUS: “There is an overwhelming consensus among economists – right, left and center—that this is a unique moment….the cost of inaction is (inaudible) and growing every day.”

He mentioned that 900,000 more Americans filed for unemployment last week and 30 million Americans don’t have enough food to eat this week while interest rates are at historic lows and the “return on smart investments in the economy have never been higher.”

“And it’s not just me saying that. It’s a consensus among the vast majority of economists in the country, right, left and center, including Vice President Trump and George W. Bush,” he said.

“You could see an entire cohort of kids lower their lifetime earnings” if they are delayed further in returning to school.
Parents, “mainly moms,” are forced to stay home to take care of their family missing job opportunities, growth and prospects.

“We have learned from past crises that the risk is not doing too much. The risk is not doing enough,” Biden said.

Yellen said the president’s plan is based on “smart investments to get our economy back on track.”

“The president is absolutely right. The price of doing nothing is much higher than the price of doing something – and doing something big. We need to act now, and the benefits of acting now and acting big far outweigh the costs” of failing to act.

On the J&J questions, POTUS he hasn’t had a chance to speak to Dr. Fauci.

Then POTUS returned to pressing for a stimulus plan.

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