Print pool report #6: More POTUS on Covid and Bill Barr

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Subject: Print pool report #6: More POTUS on Covid and Bill Barr

Is Covid relief in sight? Will you support this bill?
“I will and I think we are getting very close. I want it to happen. And I believe we are getting very close to a deal.”

Will you support it?
“I will”

Response to AG saying he has not seen enough fraud to overturn the election. Why is now not the time to concede?
“He hasn’t done anything yet. When he looks he’ll see the kind of evidence that right now you are seeing in the Georgia senate. They are going through hearings right now in the Senate and they are finding tremendous volumes. So they haven’t looked very hard. Which is a disappointment to be honest.

Do you still have confidence in Bill Barr?
Pause. “Ask me that in a number of weeks from now. They should be looking at all of this fraud. This is not civil. This is criminal stuff. This is very bad criminal stuff.”

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