Supplemental Pool Report #2 Ivanka

From: Debra Saunders <>
Date: December 14, 2020 at 10:52:09 AM EST
Subject: Supplemental Pool Report #2 Ivanka
Ivanka left at 10:40 after giving out boxes for some 35 minutes.

She wore a Woolrich jacket, black pants and boots.

I asked her what she thought about being here. This is what she said per Otter. Please verify when you listen to audio I can send on request And know thus is partial.

“And it's it's great to have teamed up with farmers across the nation to supply this great nutritious food for us ensuring it gets to the most vulnerable and then the faith based organizations amazing ensuring that it gets to the last mile of those.”

“So it's it's incredibly rewarding and we learn a lot of the time we do. We can all see the process of and talk to the pastors talk to the distributors. Of course constantly speaker farmers, we we learned a lot about how to get better going.”

Cars still are snaking in the parking lot to pick up boxes.

Your print pooler tweeted photos of the event and will post a few more. @DebraJSaunders

Over and out.


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