Travel pool 1: Mar-a-Lago departure

From: "Mike Bender"
Subject: Travel pool 1: Mar-a-Lago departure

Good morning from Palm Beach, Fla., where it's sunny and 74 degrees. POTUS motorcade departed Mar-a-Lago at 10:27 a.m., headed to Air Force One parked at Palm Beach International. He's scheduled to speak at MacDill Air Force Base at 1:15 p.m.

Before departure, Pool spotted WH staff chief Reince Priebus cutting across the putting green to join the motorcade. Keith Schiller, the WH Oval Office operations director, walked through the club's parking lot and was followed a bit later by a man, presumably a club member, in his tennis whites. Ground crews sprayed the lawn facing the Lake Worth Lagoon, as a young boy gently pushed a girl standing on a tree swing hung from a long, thick branch of a Southern live oak

—Mike Bender
The Wall Street Journal

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