Travel pool #10/congressmen

From: "Gillman, Todd"
Date: September 2, 2017 at 2:59:54 PM CDT
Subject: Travel pool #10/congressmen

Back at Ellington Field the president met at the steps of Air Force One with several federal lawmakers from Texas, including two of his biggest critics in Congress. Rep Al Green, who has called for Trump's impeachment, and Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, who has come close to calling for impeachment, and has called him incompetent.

Trump seem to speak in a very friendly way with Green, and they shook hands several times. At one point Green put his hand on the president's elbow as they spoke. It all seemed very friendly. Trump also met with Michael McCaul, Pete Olson, and Randy Weber. And Sen. Ted Cruz.

He chatted with McCaul, who has been under consideration for Homeland Security secretary and at one point put his left hand on McCaul's right shoulder.

Trump then walked over to several hundred people waiting, most of them in uniform, including Coast Guard, Texas National Guard and others.

The Texas lawmakers remained at the foot of Air Force One as the president shook hands. Governor Abbott was with them and could be seen chatting at length with Al Green in particular.

Todd J. Gillman
Washington Bureau Chief
Dallas Morning News
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