Travel Pool 20: Departure ceremony

From: "Memoli, Michael"
Date: May 23, 2017 at 4:11:37 PM GMT+3
Subject: Travel Pool 20: Departure ceremony

Marine One touched down at Ben Gurion just after 4pm. The presidential chopper approached the area of a tarmac where the Israeli Prime Minister, President, ambassador to the U.S., and Ambassador Friedman were waiting at the end of a red carpet lined with flags, bracketed closest to them by matching sets of five alternating U.S. and Israeli flags. Friedman snapped a few photos as Marine One positioned.

At 4:06 pm POTUS and FLOTUS, followed by Tillerson, Jared and Ivanka walked toward the waiting dignitaries as a trumpet sounded. Any pleasantries exchanged were very much inaudible to us over the hum of engines.

The leaders then stood in a row as a military officer approached and then saluted POTUS, who saluted right back.

Netanyahu then walked with POTUS to the steps of Air Force One, followed by their respective spouses. After some final farewells the first couple walked side by side up to the jet, then turned to wave before entering.

Pool boarding now.

Mike Memoli



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