Travel Pool #3

From: Debra Saunders
Date: March 25, 2017 at 1:44:43 PM EDT
Subject: Travel Pool #3

The motorcade trailed through Charleston's highways and later back roads where residents watched from their yards and porches with bemusement.

President Pence and SBA Administrator McMahon arrived at a Foster Supply Inc. building around noon where they sat down with local small business owners.

Ronald Reagan Foster and Nancy Reagan Foster presided. The couple legally changed their middle names in 2012 to honor the late president and his wife. (According to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, Ronald always hated his middle name, Polk, while she never was given one.)

Pence thanked the group for its hospitality as he called the Fosters "my second favorite Ron and Nancy." When Pence introduced McMahon he proclaimed himself a fan of WWE.

McMahon told the group, "You are the grassroots." And: "Small businesses are the backbone of the economy."

Also in attendance were Scott David Edwards, James Brian Hinkle, George Michael Steorts (who dared me to pronounce his name right, which I did), John Howard Jarrett, Cynthia Stiles, Arthur L. King, Virginia King, Jeffrey Brian Givens, Glenn Yaeger (he said the airport his named after his family) and Timothy Burns.

That took about ten minutes. Then The pool was asked to leave and the listening, I assume, began.

Transcript due later.

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