Travel Pool 3: Arrival in Bethlehem

From: "Memoli, Michael"
Date: May 23, 2017 at 10:00:39 AM GMT+3
Subject: Travel Pool 3: Arrival in Bethlehem

POTUS motorcade arrived in Bethlehem to the Palestinian Presidential Palace at 9:58 am.

Vehicles slowed as we approached the Rachel's Tomb checkpoint at about 9:50. Once through, streets were lined with US and Palestinian flags paired together on lampposts. Several signs were also visible on the route with Trump and Abbas' faces  saying: "the City of Peace Welcomes the Man of Peace."

The security presence along the motorcade route heading to and in the West Bank was conspicuous even by the usual standards of presidential protection. But along the route there were still people watching the scene from cafes and shops.

Mike Memoli



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