Travel pool 3/gaggle highlights

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From: "Nakamura, David"
Date: January 26, 2017 at 12:23:37 PM EST
Subject: Travel pool 3/gaggle highlights

Spicer gaggled on the flight. Please check quotes against transcript. Thanks to co-pooler Mike Shear of NYT for an assist.

News: On the cancelation of the Mexican president's visit: "We will look for a date to schedule something in the future. We will keep the lines of communication open."

Started with an overview of what POTUS did on Wednesday

"This administration has already done a great deal of outreach to Congress in just the last few days. The president is determined to enact policies that benefit all Americans and he will work with congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle."

Announced that POTUS will sign an executive order around 4:30, and said it is likely to be further detail on the investigation into voter fraud.

Said POTUS had declared this school choice week.

Also said that POTUS will hold a news conference on Friday with Prime Minister Theresa May. Details to come. He said America will "continue to talk about growing the relationship between America and the United Kingdom."

On Mexico and the wall: (before we landed and saw the cancellation)

"The president's been very clear on his intention to build the wall and how it would be paid for. I think he's been consistent with that throughout. i think he wants to make sure that's understood that it would be part of the topics to be discussed."

said there's a "great importance" to the relationship with Mexico and that's why POTUS extended the invitation

On the payment from mexico for the wall, he declined to give any futher details about how that might happened, but said it would come from "a variety of potential sources" to pay for it.

On the draft EOs on black sites, and whether they came from the White House, he said "we are going to continue to look into that," but said he was clear that "they were not derived from White House sources."

He added: "Where they originated from were not White House originated documents" and that "there was a lot of input that we sought during the transition and several things were provided to us."

He said it was still his understanding that POTUS has not seen those documents. But he said that "theres a question of what he wants and whether or not those documents reflect his current thinking."

* (on torture technique review) “He can review it through executive action…. He is going to look to the recommendations of people like Gen. Mattits and CIA director Mike Pompeo…. He’s willing to listen to their opinions on the effectiveness of some of those techniques on the results that they get. … The legality is that once you realize the effectiveness, then you can work within the law to ensure, whether it’s the manuals or the laws or the orders, reflect what the intent is.”
* Confirmed the afternoon meeting with Hatch and Brady, a follow up to a meeting reportedly yesterday, will be resked for next week. He said it was a scheduling issue that postponed today’s meeting. Meetings are about trade.
* He said he was not aware of reports that senior State Dept. management resigned en masse yesterday.
* (on extreme vetting EO) He said more executive actions are likely Friday and maybe next week. Potus will review if various orders meet his goals and then move forward if they do.
* (On DACA) Spicer says the administration is still reviewing the program. “Where does the program go from now. What do you do with renewals. When you look at the big picture of that, there are several steps in terms of how the current program continues to exist, how you deal with renewal, and then how we deal with processing the issue itself in the future. That is all under review wholistically as well as the specific steps.”
* (on Potus first AF1 ride) “I saw him up forward in the cabin. He continues to react the same way he has throughout his time in his presidency, in awe of the splendor of this plane and what the White House represents.


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