Travel pool #4 – Arrival at Mar-a-Lago

From: Gabby Morrongiello []
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2017 6:11 PM
Subject: Travel pool #4 – Arrival at Mar-a-Lago

The presidential motorcade departed Palm Beach International at 5:56pm for a short drive to Mar-a-Lago.

Dozens of Palm Beach residents lined the sidewalks along the route, photographing the motorcade and waving American flags. One man shouted "down with the press" as we drove by, while a woman on another block held a homemade sign that read "Welcome PM Abe."

We arrived at Mar-a-Lago at 6:08pm. Pool is now holding in a press van on the property.

POTUS and the First Lady are scheduled to have dinner here with Prime Minister Abe and his wife at 8pm ET.


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