Travel pool 4/arrival Loews

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From: "Nakamura, David"
Date: January 26, 2017 at 12:41:11 PM EST
Subject: Travel pool 4/arrival Loews

Motorcade arrived at Loews Hotel in Philadelphia at 12:33 pm. Streets were lined with onlookers. A few protest signs and people holding thumbs down or giving the middle finger salute to the motorcade. Signs included "Marching forward not back." and
"Easier to get a gun than education"
Crowds with protesters deepened near the hotel. Police blocked the crowds so the motorcade could get through. Boos were heard as pool exited vans and shouts of "We hate you" and "Go home" were overheard, presumably directed at the motorcade. Pool entered ballroom at 12:37 pm. Among those sighted: Sen. Ted Cruz seated st a table right near the lectern. Remarks are open press and being shown live.

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