Travel Pool 5: PBI arrival / NSA detail / protests

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From: "Memoli, Michael"
Date: February 20, 2017 at 4:09:13 PM EST
Subject: Travel Pool 5: PBI arrival / NSA detail / protests

Motorcade arrived at PBI at 4:01 pm.

Not expecting a gaggle on flight back to D.C. but Sarah Huckabee Sanders sent word to the pool that POTUS "gave full authority for McMaster to hire whatever staff he sees fit."

Some notes on the ride with assist from Jenna Johnson.

Further along the motorcade route just after pooler filed his last note we passed an organized gathering of protesters holding up an array of signs, many with simply the number 45 with a red slash through it (like this emoji ��)

Other signs read: "Dump Trump" and "Not my president."

Towards the bridge were small groups of supporters holding pro-Trump signs. At least two people holding signs reading "Trump Strong." A woman held a sign that read: "Welcome home President Trump #MAGA."

"Trump 2020" was another sign spotted.

At times the motorcade route looked like a parade, route with people gathered in front of businesses to wave, take photos or videotape the motorcade. One man who was pumping gas at a gas station stopped to watch the spectacle go by. Another sign: "Honk for Trump."

Mike Memoli



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