Travel Pool 7: Party pool spray

From: "Memoli, Michael"
Date: February 5, 2017 at 7:26:02 PM EST
Subject: Travel Pool 7: Party pool spray

At 7:10 pm, just as the second quarter was beginning, pool was brought in to the large ballroom of the golf club for a quick spray of POTUS watching the game. Photo below courtesy of co-pooler Abby Phillip.

POTUS was seated at table 6, just in front and slightly to the right of the bar. POTUS' table, covered in blue cloth with assorted decorations, was surrounded by stanchions and red velvet rope. He was seated with FLOTUS to his left and chief of staff Reince Priebus to his right. Also at the table were Priebus' wife (seated) and children (ambling nearby), and another gentlemen pool is seeking identification of.

As pool made its way to the main ballroom we passed through a smaller room with all sorts of desserts -- cupcakes iced with Falcons red and Patriots blue, brownies, black and white cookies -- a popcorn machine, a soft serve ice cream or fro-yo dispenser, and large pretzels.

POTUS did not answer a couple shouted questions from CNN's Noah Gray about who he was rooting for. The room was very noisy both with conversation and three jumbo screens showing the game. As pool was being ushered out POTUS urged us to "Go have dinner, go have dinner." We invited him to stop by.

At 7:23 pm, he did indeed drop in briefly to ask if everything was OK and talk a bit about the game so far. Attempts to engage him on news of the day were unsuccessful. He left after just more than a minute.

Our dinner, fwiw: a chili station, also wings and ribs with Caesar salad. We are back watching the game in the Club Grill.

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