Travel pool 8/return JBA/news coming

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From: "Nakamura, David"
Date: January 26, 2017 at 3:13:59 PM EST
Subject: Travel pool 8/return JBA/news coming

After another bumpy ride AF1 landed at 2:55 pm. Spicer gaggle a second time and appeared to make news on immigration and trade. More to come as we review the tape. After landing pool was brought up to front of plane for brief spray with Potus. He was sitting in shirtsleeves at a desk in his on board office with a navy blue Air Force One jacket slung over the back of his chair. He smiled for the cameras. When asked for his impressions he said "Beautiful. Great plane." He said he met the pilot and asked how it compared to his personal jet he replied: "That's a good one too but this is a very special plane for a lot of reasons." A television could be heard on. After leaving plane Potus did not go directly toMarine One but instead walked the depth of tarmac to small viewing crowd and shook hands before turning and walking back to his helicopter, which took off for WH at 3:12 pm.
More to come on second gaggle soon.

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