Travel pool report #1: JBA

From: Rob Crilly <>
Date: December 12, 2020 at 12:33:13 PM EST
Subject: Travel pool report #1: JBA

Marine One was wheels down at Joint Base Andrews at 12:25.

POTUS disembarked after speaking briefly to the pilots. He walked to AF1 buttoning coat as he went. He waved from top of steps and entered AF1.

Mark Meadows and his wife, Dan Scavino, John McEntee and DNI Ratcliffe all arrived with POTUS and boarded.

We are off to the Army-Navy football match, held this year at West Point. (Take the under.)

Kash Patel and Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller already spotted on board. And Andrew Giuliani was seen in the departure terminal.

Tail number today is 28000 and we will be wheels up imminently for New York Stewart International Airport.
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