Travel pool report 10 - Landing/ in-flight statements

From: Andrew BEATTY
Date: July 8, 2017 at 8:26:59 PM EDT
Subject: Travel pool report 10 - Landing/ in-flight statements

At 20:19 Air Force One landed at JBA.

During the flight, NEC chair Gary Cohn, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and National Security Advisor HR McMaster came back to the press cabin to deliver oral statements. They also answered a few questions. We're told you should have a transcript by this point.

Your poolers asked for more details about several policies and issues that came up at the G20 -- including regarding Russia's claims about the bilateral meeting -- but they were not forthcoming, save a written statement from HR McMaster on Syria, which you should also have by now.

It noted that the southwest Syria ceasefire will come into effect at noon on Sunday, but there were no details re thorny issues around monitoring, lines of control, the Jordanian border etc. etc.

The president did not come back during the flight.

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