Travel Pool Report #12 - Briefing key points (Russia and climate)

Date: May 26, 2017 at 7:50:22 PM GMT+2
Subject: Travel Pool Report #12 - Briefing key points (Russia and climate)

Gary Cohn on Russia
“Let me just make one clarification from yesterday . I may have not answered the question – I thought I answered it very clearly but let me make it clear on Russia, I said it’s not just a right it’s a left.
"Let me be more succinct on what right and left mean when we’re talking about sanctions on Russia. Someone asked me did that mean we were lowering our sanctions on Russia and I said you’re only looking one direction I’m looking in both directions right and left.

"Let me stop with right and left and let me just be much more blunt and clear. We’re not lowering our sanctions on Russia. If anything we would probably look to get tougher on Russia. So the president wants to continue to you know continue to keep the sanctions in place. And I think the president’s made it clear how the Russians could have the sanctions lifted and how they could have the sanctions taken away. So I don’t want there to be any confusion on that topic and, my fault, I should have just been much clearer.”

Gary Cohn on climate

"He said 'I would rather take my time and understand the issues and then get to the right decision on that"

"He did quote say 'the environment is very very important to me, Donald Trump. I care a lot about the environment. He talked about environmental awards he received in the past. So he didn't want anyone to think he doesn't care about the environment"

"His views are evolving, he came here to learn and get smarter"

"His basis for decision ultimately will be what's best for the United States"

(Thanks to co-pooler Tara Palmeri)

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