Travel pool report #2 / arrival at Bastille Day parade

From: "Bennett, Brian"
Date: July 14, 2017 at 10:27:15 AM GMT+2
Subject: Travel pool report #2 / arrival at Bastille Day parade

POTUS and FLOTUS arrived at the reviewing stands at 10:11 am, after what may approach a record for shortest motorcade movement ever.

President Trump shook hands with several people seated near him in the center of the VIP stands. From our position, your pooler could not identify other people in the stands.  FLOTUS is wearing what appears to be a floral print white dress and was seated to Trump's right.

President Macron arrived in an open camouflaged military jeep. He was standing in the front seat of the jeep.

Macron then took his seat on Trump's left and the two leaders could be seen leaning their heads in and chatting as the parade began and armored personnel carriers drove into view.

The event is open press.

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Los Angeles Times
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