Travel pool report 2 - Arrival Newark + POTUS OTR

From: Andrew BEATTY
Date: June 9, 2017 at 5:42:22 PM EDT
Subject: Travel pool report 2 - Arrival Newark + POTUS OTR

Air Force One touched down in Newark at 17:17. After about 12 minutes the president exited the plane and walked over to Marine One, which was set against the skyline of lower Manhattan. At 17:35 Marine One setoff for Bedminster, your pool is motorcading.

Spotted on the tarmac were Kellyanne, Hope and Michael Anton and Dan Scavino.

During the flight the president came back and spoke off the record to the pool for a few minutes.

Before he did. A separate senior administration official came back to the press cabin to talk a little about Qatar, specifically, wanting to disabuse us of the notion that there was any daylight between the President and the Secretary of State.

The official said the issues of food and humanitarian supplies, and of family separations of "husband and wives on other side of the border, they are not allowed to united. This is of particular concern during a holy month or a religious time."

"Easing those restrictions is not the same as a complete restoration of diplomatic relations, of everything that had been happening before these actions were taken."

POTUS position on the blockade is what he said and "what he has conveyed privately to the leaders , he made four separate phone calls this week to gulf and Arab leaders, and what he said was consistent with what the Secretary of State said. He mentioned that he was concerned with the food issue, the family separation issue, but he's also very concerned about Qatar support for terrorist finance and for supporting extremist ideology and other things and he wants to see that addressed to."

"The United States wants to see a resolution of the situation on terms consistent with the terms the president laid out in Riyadh."

Regarding the air base, he said the president "believes this issue can be resolved on terms favorable to the United States and US interests. I haven't heard him express concern about the issue of the base."

More to come.

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