Travel Pool report #3 - Egypt

From: Michael Shear
Date: May 21, 2017 at 10:29:43 AM GMT+3
Subject: Travel Pool report #3 - Egypt

NOTE: Funny moment below.

Your pool was led into a room where POTUS was sitting in a room with Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the president of Egypt, sitting to the right.

POTUS cakes Sisi "my friend" and praised the relationship with Egypt.

"We've really been through a lot together positively," POTUS said. He said they are having "Very very important talks" and said that in Egypt "Safety seems to be very strong."

POTUS thanked Sisi for his help with the release of an American aid worker, saying Sisi had helped to bring "Aya" home.

Speaking through a translator, Sisi said that the "Meeting really speaks of the strategic nature of the relationship" between the two countries. He invited POTUS to Egypt

"Egypt is secure and stable and is going very well with the cooperation of the United States" Sisi said.

Sisi added: "You are a unique personality that is capable of doing the impossible"

That made everyone laugh. And POTUS responded: "I agree!"

POTUS said that he will get to Egypt.

Your pool is now walking to the conference center next to the Ritz for the GCC meetings.

Michael D. Shear
White House Correspondent
The New York Times

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