Travel pool report #4

From: Anita Kumar
Date: April 28, 2017 at 1:46:37 PM EDT
Subject: Travel pool report #4

April 28, 2017

Highlights from Sean Spicer's gaggle

Spicer said the NRA speech is a "good way to end an incredible week."
He said POTUS will speak to the NRA about his commitment to the Second
Amendment and the constitution as well as the quick confirmation. of
Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch. He said we should not expect him
to get into very specific details of policy proposals.

On healthcare, he said no vote was scheduled but "great progress" is being made.

On the budget, Spicer lauded the Senate's passage of the stop-gap spending bill.

"I feel really good that next week we're really close to -- we feel
really good about making sure that the next thing will be the five
month extension to get us through the end of the fiscal year," Spicer

On Paris climate agreement, he said the White House would announce a
decision before POTUS travels to Europe.

On his 100-day speech Saturday, Spicer said it will be another chance
for Trump to tout his accomplishments thus far. He downplayed the
significance of the overlap with the WHCD, framing the speech as a
100th Day marker more than counter programming. He did say the event
would offer a "sharp contrast," though it was unclear if he meant that
in reference to the dinner. He will speak specifically about Gorsuch
and the Congressional Review Act, among other things.

"Respectfully it's also his president's 100th day in office so I
respectfully suggest it's not just about the correspondents dinner
it's about an opportunity for him to talk to voters that elected him
what he's been able to accomplish in the first 100 days. I think it's
a sharp contrast obviously, between what's going to be happening on
his first hundred days and talking to voters about he was able to do
and how much more there is to do."

Spicer would not confirm any travel to Israel but he did say trips to
Israel and Rome are on the table.

Please check quotes against the transcript.

Thanks to Politico's Matt Nussbaum for the assist.

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