Travel pool report #5: POTUS takes field

From: Rob Crilly <>
Sent: Saturday, December 12, 2020 3:12 PM
Subject: Travel pool report #5: POTUS takes field

POTUS arrives on the field at 14:59 to huge cheers and chants of USA.

He walks up to about halfway line with officers from the two services on either side. also acting Defense Sec Miller, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Milley.

After a prayer, colors are presented and the glee clubs of the two service's academies perform the national anthem. It is followed by a cannon salute.

An invisible flyover takes place, obscured by low cloud/fog.

POTUS moves to center of field for coin toss.
He is not micced up so can't tell if he said any words. Flips the coin - and it is tails, which Navy called. Army to receive.

POTUS climbs to seat in Navy section for first quarter at about the 40 yd line.

A few minutes before the ceremonies began an announcement was made that the poor weather meant the Leap Frogs and the Golden Knights will not be able to jump - eliciting boos around the stadium.

The crowd then came to attention for a rendition of God Bless America.

It came after a series of hype videos that provoked cheers and boos from either side depending on which service was on screen. The quote that best summed up the spirit:
"We are one team. Except on game day."

Music included Nirvana and Whitney Houston plus more recent stuff that your pooler was unable to identify.

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