Travel pool report #5a

From: Tara Palmeri
Date: May 4, 2017 at 8:09:54 PM EDT
Subject: Travel pool report #5a

Correction: In the prior report, I misspelled the name of the Australian Prime Minister. His name is Malcolm Turnbull, not Turnball.

Below is the rest of the Q&A between President Trump and Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull.

President Trump on the healthcare bill: “So when you compare something to Obamacare, Obamacare is no longer living. And we have something that’s going to be I think one of the best anywhere in the world.”

Asked about his tweets on foreign policy, President Trump said: “Social media is the way to go. I’ve got over 100 m people watching. And social media to me is the way to go. This way if somebody is not treating me properly,” he said, referring to fake news but saying it’s not all fake news and some of it is very good. He said Twitter is a way to “sort of circumvent. I find social media is the way to go between the different forms. There are many different forms. But it’s a fast way of getting the word out. I really think it helped today with health care. It’s a great way to communicate and it’s a modern way to communicate.”

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