Travel Pool Report # 7 -- POTUS arrival

From: "Michael Shear"
Subject: Travel Pool Report # 7 -- POTUS arrival

POTUS is wheels down at 4:45 pm local at Sigonella for a rally with then troops here. There are hundreds of military troops and their family members in camouflage waiting in a big airport hangar. POTUS looks set to speak in front of a large US flag on a stage. AF1 is waiting just outside the hangar.

The remarks are open press and being piped back to the file center. If there are problems with that feed and if the program begins without the rest of the press corps arriving, your pooler will Pool the remarks.

POTUS arrived to the hanger to the sounds of the soundtrack from the movie "Air Force One " and cheers from a crowd holding up phone cameras.

Stand by for the start of remarks shortly.

Michael D. Shear
White House Correspondent
The New York Times

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