Travel pool report 7 - POTUS remarks

From: Andrew BEATTY
Date: August 29, 2017 at 12:25:21 PM CDT
Subject: Travel pool report 7 - POTUS remarks

Governor Abbott opened the meeting by expressing his gratitude to POTUS.

"I want to express my deep gratitude to the president, for him and his entire cabinet and staff for what they've done over the past couple weeks," Abbott said.

"A lot of people see what happens in front of the camera. I want to reveal in just one minute what's been going on behind the scenes, behind the camera for the past two weeks."

"About ten days in advance of the hurricane, even coming in to the Corpus Christi area, members of the president's cabinet and the president himself were in contact with me and my office pre-preparing for this catastrophe coming our way. Every step of the way as the hurricane came across the shore, as the flooding began in Houston, texas, the president and his cabinet remained in constant contact with me and my staff, and they all had one thing to say. Texas, what do you need? how can we help?"

POTUS, with FLOTUS sat to his left, then took the floor saying thanks, adding it was his "honor" to be there.

He then described Texas as a "very special place and a special state."

He turned to Senators Cruz and Cornyn, who were present and also to his left.

"Thank you very much. Senator Cornyn, we appreciate it. It's very hard to get here. You were trapped in various locations but we appreciate you both being here."

He praised many people around the table, particularly FEMA administrator Long, who he noted "really has become very famous on television in the last couple of days."

"You have been just outstanding,
and I can tell you that my folks are telling me how great your representatives have been in working together. It's a real team," he said.

POTUS noted he didn't want to congratulate anyone yet, but expressed hope that the response to Harvey would be seen as a textbook case.

"We want to do it better than ever before. We want to be looked at in five years, in ten years from now as, this is the way to do it. This was of epic proportion. Nobody's ever seen anything like this and i just want to say that working with the governor and his entire team has been an honor for us.

FEMA director, he made brief remarks, talking about what was going on in Houston, noting the situation at the convention center,  stopping in his thread to say "this is not the superdome" a reference to Katrina.

He said the focus was increasingly on power restoration and maintaining security.

After a coastguard representative spoke the pool was ushered out. We are now waiting in the motorcade.

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