Travel pool report 9 - motorcade and lift

From: Andrew BEATTY
Date: July 8, 2017 at 6:06:12 PM GMT+2
Subject: Travel pool report 9 - motorcade and lift

At 17:17 the motorcade sped away from the Hamburg Messe, whose blue carpets and modernist chairs have been home for the last two/three days.

We passed a group of people waving and holding Russian flags (Putin just left ahead of us) and plenty of riot cops.

We sped around the lake there were some onlookers who waved from behind the barricades.

At 17:21 the motorcade pulled to a stop, there was a fair bit of confusion, with some people running from the vehicles in front. It turned out we were already at the landing zone.

Your pool moved toward the LZ proper as Marine One took off, we stopped and sheltered from the wash behind a white van but were urgently moved out of the way by German police. That is when we realized the van was a sniper position and we were standing right in front of the sights of a marksman.

At 17:30 another helo landed. Your poolers, now caked in dust, watched as Cohn, Powell,  and S. Miller boarded.

At 17:37 another helo provided a fresh pelting with debris.

We landed at the airport about six minutes later, by Air Force One, ahead of POTUS.

At 17:52 Marine One landed, a few moments later the President and First Lady walked and greeted six individuals waiting at the bottoms of the steps.

The first couple then climbed up the steps, gave a quick wave and entered Air Force One.

At 18:05 we are rolling. Next stop, Joint Base Andrews.

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