Travel Pool Report No. 7a: Quote from churchgoer

From: "Rucker, Philip"
Date: September 2, 2017 at 2:17:14 PM CDT
Subject: Travel Pool Report No. 7a: Quote from churchgoer

Inside First Church of Pearland, your supplementary pooler interviewed Elaine Ybarra, 41, who was holding her 10-year-old son, Chris, as they waited to see President Trump walk into the room.

Ybarra said, "It's quite humbling to have somebody of his stature come to this church."

She added, "Him being here and bringing global attention to everything that's going on here, he brings up prayers from around the world."

Ybarra said there was bad flooding on her street in her Pearland neighborhood in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, but she said her home was not damaged. She was at the church to volunteer to help storm victims.

Philip Rucker

The Washington Post

White House Bureau Chief

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