Travel print pool report #1 - JBA departure

From: Jordan Fabian
Date: September 6, 2017 at 12:44:01 PM EDT
Subject: Travel print pool report #1 - JBA departure

Marine One landed at a unseasonably chilly, rainy Joint Base Andrews at 12:38 PM.

POTUS boarded Air Force One five minutes later. He was followed by Ivanka Trump, Treasury Sec. Mnuchin, Keith Schiller and Marc Short.

We are flying on the smaller AF1 today.

Spotted Stephen Miller, Gary Cohn, and Dan Scavino among other aides on board plane in forward cabin before departure.

Ahead of POTUS' arrival, large motorcade apparently for Kuwaiti delegation rolled up to the JBA passenger terminal. Large 747 w/ "State of Kuwait" written on side landed minutes later and taxied right behind the presidential aircraft.

Wheels up for Bismarck soon.

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