Travel print pool report #3a - Marc Short quotes

From: Jordan Fabian
Date: September 6, 2017 at 3:18:01 PM CDT
Subject: Travel print pool report #3a - Marc Short quotes

Quotes from Marc Short, WH director of legislative affairs, during AF1.

Courtesy of co-pooler Jerome Cartillier.

On debt/funding/Harvey deal: "We believe that helping to clear the decks in September enables us to focus on tax reform for the American people. We need to get the economy growing again and that's what we need to focus on."

DACA, what to expect from POTUS ?
"You will see the administration lay out its principles in a broad sense on what we want to see. The president has also made clear that he does believe that we need to ensure border security."

"The president has been engaged all along and will continue to do so."

Freedom Caucus resistance to debt ceiling
"I have a meeting with members of the Freedom Caucus tomorrow and I've heard other Freedom Caucus members make the case for a shorter-term debt ceiling extension."

Tied to Harvey relief?
"They made a case for a short-term extension. It looks like they're getting a short-term extension."

Three month deal on debt ceiling putting extra pressure on tax reform ?
"I think it puts pressure on all of us to get tax reform done before December"
"We know we need to get the economy turned around"

Tax reform. Is POTUS still committed to a 15% corporate rate or is he willing to negotiate on that ?
"The president wants a 15% corporate rate"


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