Travel print pool report #6 - departure from Wisconsin

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Motorcade departed Walker fundraiser at 6:17 PM local time. Pool did not see POTUS get into The Beast before departing.

As the press vans rolled out from the hotel, your pooler spotted Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on the sidewalk. He saluted the motorcade as it left.

There were a smattering of onlookers standing on the sidewalks and snapping photos before we got on the interstate, which was closed to other traffic.

Motorcade arrived at the airport at 6:29 PM. A minute later, pool spotted POTUS clImb the stairs, turn and wave before boarding Air Force One. Reince Priebus and White House aide Reed Cordish entered the aircraft through the back staircase with other staff and media.

AF1 was wheels up at 6:38 PM en route to JBA.

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