VP pool report — #2

From: "Parker, Ashley"
Date: August 2, 2017 at 2:52:16 PM GMT+2
Subject: VP pool report — #2

At 1:27 p.m. local, Vice President Pence delivered his speech at the Adriatic Charter Summit in Podgorica, Montenegro. The speech was open press, and lasted roughly 19 minutes. At one point, he weighed in on the current situation in Venezuela. (The VP’s office, as per usual, will put out a complete transcript of his remarks).

Following the speech, your pool was then ushered in and out — and in and out — of handshake and photo sprays (no audible words) with eight Adriatic leaders: Prime minister of Montenegro (����); president of Kosovo (����); prime minister of Slovenia (����); prime minister of Serbia (����); prime minister of Albania (����) — clad in brown suit and crisp white sneakers; chairman of the council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (����); prime minister of Croatia (����); and the prime minister of Macedonia (����). There was also a pool spray (again, no audible words) at the top of the plenary sessions with Pence and these leaders.

Two quick, misc. notes:

—Here is the more complete version of the quote Pence said in his remarks earlier today (see pool report #1) with the prime minister of Montenegro: "NATO is made up of large countries and small countries but the U.S. has no small allies, and we cherish our new alliance with Montenegro through NATO."

—You may recall, President Trump appeared to shove the prime minister of Montenegro at an earlier meeting at NATO headquarters. So far on this trip, Pence and the prime minister of Montenegro have had plenty of face time, and there has been no shoving.

Your pool is now holding in a room at the hotel, before departing for the airport.


Ashley Parker

The Washington Post

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