VP pool report — #4 — correction and update

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CORRECTION and UPDATE — Resending this pool report, to reflect two tweaks: 1) Pence also did, in fact, shake hands with the Baltic leaders in his quadrilateral meeting. Your sleep deprived (and apparently hallucinating) pooler apologizes. And 2) They have added a final bilat, but they won’t tell your pool with who, except to say we’ll recognize him/her. Standby!

A quick rundown of some fairly micro bilat color:

In the quadrilateral meeting between Pence and the presidents of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the four leaders stood ramrod straight, smiling at the cameras (they also shook hands at the outset), and Pence thanked them each, individually. He then briefly thanked the pool. The pool was also given a glimpse of their meeting space, where Pence was flanked by Andrea Thompson, his national security adviser, and Josh Pitcock, his chief of staff.

In his fifth bilat of the day, with President Poroshenko of Ukraine, several members of the press shouted questions about Putin, Russia, and sanctions, but neither man responded, and the pool was quickly ushered out.

And in Pence’s final bilat, with Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, the vice president began by expressing his condolences, and offering his prayers, for the recent attack in southeast Turkey. The pool was then escorted out.


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