VP pool report — #5

From: "Parker, Ashley"
Date: March 11, 2017 at 12:39:46 PM EST
Subject: VP pool report — #5

After a short drive — where we again passed the protestors, this time able to make out that they were shouting “Save our care” — Vice President Pence arrived back at Air Force Two at 12:31 pm. Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin accompanied him to the airport, and the two got out to pose for a picture, with Pence gently tugging on Bevin’s left elbow to draw him closer for the cameras, and Bevin then pointing at Pence with his right index finger. The two men chatted briefly at the bottom of the plane’s stairs, and Pence waved down to him again just before he ducked into the plane.

One brief note from Lotter: Many of the people at the event, invited by Bevin’s office, are small business types.

We expect to be wheels up shortly for D.C.


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The Washington Post

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