VP pool report — #5a

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Subject: VP pool report — #5a

Please use this more complete exchange of the Bono/Pence interaction. Thanks to CNN's Kevin Liptak, who transcribed from his video (which was clearer than my audio).

BONO: ….I cant get over (unintel) the words just feel so fresh.

PENCE: I appreciate the chance to get together for you for a minute. I heard you were in town.

BONO: You’re the second busiest man on earth.

PENCE: I just may be.

BONO: So we really appreciate it. I talked to your staff and said what time is it? They said ‘It’s day 30-o-clock.’ You hit the ground running. You’re going to Brussels tomorrow?

PENCE: We are. I remember your presentation in Washington. I was on the House Foreign Affairs Committee when the PEPFAR bill passed.

BONO: Twice on the house floor you defended that. That’s how we know you.

PENCE: Thank you

BONO: It was an extraordinary historic accomplishment. You played a leading role.

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