VP Travel pool 3

From: "Bierman, Noah"
Date: June 28, 2017 at 5:57:08 PM EDT
Subject: VP Travel pool 3

Motorcade left at 5:53 from Tendon Manufacturing, a custom metal fabricating plant of about 75 people. Vice president arrived here at about 4:05 p.m., passing a small group of protesters on the way in, including at least two people dressed as handmaidens.

Vice President Pence held a healthcare listening session for about 30 minutes with business owners, took a tour where he used some of the equipment (and received a metal sign in the shape of Ohio made from a laser cutting machine that said “Welcome to Tendon Mike Pence”) and then spoke for another 27 minutes. He briefly greeted people before heading to a closed fundraiser.

Though healthcare was discussed a lot, no news was made. Pence twice said the bill was close, once during listening session and then again to local pool at the end of the tour in response to a question that pool could not hear.

“We’re very close to achieving a signature goal,” he said at the outset of the listening session.

Pool will file fuller report after this brief update.


Noah Bierman

Los Angeles Times

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