VP Travel Pool #4

From: Debra Saunders
Date: March 25, 2017 at 2:54:14 PM EDT

Subject: Fwd: VP Travel Pool #4

Ron Foster of Foster Supply at 2:02 began speaking in a warehouse filled with supplies and a number of local small business people. On a Saturday, many of the men work jackets and the women dresses. Foster’s wife stood by his side.

“on extremely short notice." He noted, these people turned out. "that’s what we do as small businesses, we work hard, we work long hours… and we get the job done.”

He introduced Linda McMahon.

McMahon: “Wow, what a great crowd.”

We need a “proper regulatory environment.”

VICE President Pence spoke

“Hello, West Virginia. It is great to be back and if only just to say thanks, thanks to your hard work, your support”, … West Virginia voted overwhelmingly to elect Trump “and we will never forget it.”

Repeated that Fosters are his second favorite Ron and Nancy

** “I just heard that you have a wall division here at Fosters, Maybe we need to talk.”

Give yourself a round of applause for coming out on a Saturday afternoon.

“President DT is going to be the best friend American small business has ever had.”

“That’s why he picked Linda McMahon to lead the Small Business Administration.”

She and her husband started Titan Sports. Now “WWE. Any fans in the house? I’m one.”

**“Maybe we could have used a few of your WWE superstars at Capitol Hill yesterday.”

Obamacare is “a burden not just to job creators”

West VA fared poorly.

On AHCA and Trump:

“You saw his resolve.”

I was inspired by President Trump’s “determination to keep his promise to the American people.”

“Nancy Pelosi the leader of the Democrats actually said yesterday was a victory for the American people. West Virginia knows better.”

“That victory won’t last very long.”

“As Obama said today, ‘Don’t worry, America.’ He just tweeted this morning.” Laughter

“We will end the Obamacare nightmare and give the American people the health care they deserve.”

“We will make America great again.”

Next up, “the president’s three part agenda. Jobs, jobs and jobs.”

“We will not stop until we end illegal immigration once and for all.”

Keystone pipeline got lots of applause.

“President Trump is going to pass the largest tax cut since the days of Ronald Reagan.”

“I guarantee you there isn’t anyone here, including the Fosters, who can make sense of this tax code.”

Will cut corporate tax “to 15 percent”

“we want to cut taxes for every American”

“The war on coal is over.”

“A new era of American energy has begun.”

“making america great again isn’t just about” the economy, also about safety.

In nominating Gorsuch. “President Trump has kept his word.”

“he demonstrated temperament and intellect…"

Pence mentioned Manchin I think. People booed.

“let me say this to you, West Virginia, if we can get the help of Joe Manchin and with the help of Shelley Moore Capito, Judge Neil Gorsuch will soon be Justice Neil Gorsuch.”

Team Pence says Reps. Mooney and Jenkins attended. They estimate 250 people there.

Timothy Burns, who was at the earlier session, said that Pence did not mention the American Health Care Act during the listening session.


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