VPOTUS in-house pool 1 - Price swearing in

From: Andrew BEATTY [mailto:xxx@email.com]

Sent: Friday, February 10, 2017 11:47 AM

Subject: VPOTUS in-house pool 1 - Price swearing in

Your poolers entered the Vice President's ceremonial office in the EEOB at around 10:48.

At the far side of the room a podium with the vice presidential seal was set up, along with two rows of chairs.

At around 11:15 guests began filing in, including Kellyanne Conway and staff from the domestic policy council.

At 11:26 the Vice President entered the room and began remarks ahead of the formal swearing in of Tom Price as Health and Human Services Secretary.

"We all know the challenges" posed by Obamacare, the Vice President said, adding it was a priority of the president to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Detailing Price's experience in medicine and in the legislative branch, VPOTUS described the new secretary as "uniquely qualified" before carrying out the oath of office.

VPOTUS then asked for a welcoming hand for Betty Price, the secretary's wife and signed some documents making it all official.

Your pool did not have an opportunity to ask a question about VPOTUS' characterization of National Security Advisor Flynn's conversations with the Russians.

An administration official however stressed "the Vice President's comments were based on his conversation with General Flynn."

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