VPOTUS pool 3: Chilean president's palace

From: Louise Radnofsky
Date: August 16, 2017 at 12:28:08 PM GMT-3
Subject: VPOTUS pool 3: Chilean president's palace

Motorcade arrived at La Moneda, the presidential palace, at 12.05 after a relatively slow journey.

At 12.10 Vice President Pence greeted President Michelle Bachelet in a palace room known unofficially as the Blue Room or the Cabinet Room and officially as the Salon de Gabinete.

They exchanged pleasantries in English about the flight, which Mr. Pence described as glorious, and somewhere that the Chilean president had lived.

The vice president did not answer shouted questions about whether he would take questions at the joint statement event later. Pool is holding in a room across a courtyard ahead of the event.

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