VPOTUS pool 5 - Baseball and quotes

From: Andrew BEATTY
Date: April 19, 2017 at 5:22:54 PM GMT+9
Subject: VPOTUS pool 5 - Baseball and quotes

At 16:37 the VPOTUS was rolling to the Setagaya Okura Sport Center where a baseball clinic was taking place.

We sped through central Tokyo (sorry commuters), passing Roppongi, other neighborhoods and a very nice park.

After 22 minutes we arrived to the baseball pitch, where young batsmen and women and bowlers were already waiting.

VPOTUS got a cheer as he entered the field and he gave them a wave.

"It's a beautiful ballpark" the Vice President said to his greeter, the mayor of Setagaya, Nobuto Hosaka, before walking over to around 100 players with Olympian Monica Abbott.

The VPOTUS received a couple of jerseys and a bat as a gift and then posed for a group photo along with the second lady on home plate.

"Thank you everybody, just wonderful to see you all," he said.

Once the photo broke up, VPOTUS mingled among the crowd, signed baseballs and softballs.

He wrapped things up at 17:13 and we are now rolling to the airport.

The earlier speech to business leaders was open press but here are some of the highlights.

VPOTUS repeatedly referenced the benefits of bilateral trade, saying "America is grateful" for Japanese investment.

"The trade between us is an important factor to our success," he said.

"The economic partnership between the us and Japan will continue to grow and flourish"

Turning to his time in Indiana, the VP said he would always be appreciative of 7,000 jobs created by Japanese own firms during time as governor.

They came not just to do business, but create communities, he added.

"Ever since President Trump's economy, Japanese companies have dramatically increased investments in the American economy."

He said that the US seeks stronger and more balanced bilateral trade.

"We can find new ways to expand our economic ties."

Turning to tax reform he said the administration was "working around the clock to pass an agenda" of lower taxes.

"I don't have to tell you how complicated the american tax code is."

"Our tax reform plan will make the strongest economy in the world stronger still."

Many thanks to Justin Sink of Bloomberg for the assist with quotes and baseball lingo.

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