VPOTUS pool report #1

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Marine 2 landed at JBA at 12:30 p.m.

VPOTUS was accompanied by his wife, Karen, and their daughter Charlotte. (BOTUS Marlon Bundo stayed home.)

The two service members and their guests going to the Super Bowl with the Pences were waiting in front of Air Force II.

They are:

Marine Staff Sgt. Anthony (Tony) Mannino Jr. and his wife, Diane. Mannino was injured in Iraq in 2008.

Army Staff Sgt. Frederick Manning who was injured in Afghanistan in 2016. Manning’s guest is Army Sgt. First Class Charles Stanley, a nurse at Walter Reed who has been taking care of Manning.

They were chosen by the Defense Department.

Mannino is a Patriots’ fan. Manning is rooting for the Falcons.

“We’ve got Falcon fans. We’ve got Patriot fans,” Pence said as he shook their hands. “They’ll be a winner on this plane on the way back.”

Pence noted his team is the Indianapolis Colts so “we’ll be on neutral soil.”

“What do you think? Decent ride?” he said, pointing to Air Force II.

He told Mannino and Manning the trip is a “small token of the gratitude of the people of this county.”

“We’re honored you’re with us,” he said.

Air Force II was wheels up at 12:52 p.m.

Maureen Groppe

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