VPotus pool report 12 - return JBA

From: David Rennie
Date: August 18, 2017 at 12:27:20 AM EDT
Subject: VPotus pool report 12 - return JBA

After an uneventful flight aboard AF2 from Panama City, VP and Mrs
Pence returned to JBA at 1212am local time.

Early in the four hour 45 minute flight from Panama the VP and Mrs
Pence came back to talk off the record with the traveling press for
about a quarter of an hour. Mrs Pence brought a plate of chocolate
chip cookies for the press.

VP and Mrs Pence left the Tarmac at JBA in a motorcade at 1220am local.

With that ends a four-country trip to Latin America, the VP's first to
that region. Your pooler bids you good morning.

David Rennie
Washington bureau chief
The Economist

David Rennie
Washington bureau chief
The Economist

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